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Magna-Tiles? Clear Colors 48 Piece DX Set [Toy]

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Magna-Tiles® 48 Piece DX Set includes 3 Large Squares, 12 Small Squares, 10 Right Triangles, 9 Equilateral Triangles, 6 Isosceles Triangles, 1 Wheeled Chassis, 2 Imagination Pieces, 2 Triangles with Round Window, 1 Arch, 1 Square Door Frame, 1 Magnetic Hinged Door. This set of Magna-Tiles® is special and contains unique pieces! The added pieces allow more creative building and play. Magna-Tiles are unique and attract on all sides, even when flipped around. Children are introduced to math concepts through play. Explore shapes, colors, symmetry, fractions, and develop critical skills while having fun!

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