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Zoli Bot sippy cup

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We recently befriended Vanessa and Scott Brock, superparents to two super cute boys, Enzo and Eli. Enzo, happens to have Downs Syndrome. Together, they update their parenting journey on their facebook group entitled Enzo's Entourage. See

We sent Vanessa the Zoli Bot sippy cups to try out with her boys. Here is her review.

I am currently trying the Zoli Bot sippy cup to be used by my 2 1/2 year old son, Enzo who happens to have Down syndrome. He still does not hold his own cup. He knows how, but after a few seconds the cup ends up on the floor, leaking. Before I even give it to my little man, I already notice some really nice features.

1. The cup truly looks leak proof.

2. The straw is super baby friendly so if he were to accidentally poke his eyes, it would not hurt (that's big!)

3. The cup has secured handles that don't look like they will fall off.

And the results? Well, unfortunately I can't even get the straw close to him. Thank GOD for the silicone flex straw. I've poked him a couple of times just trying to convince him to drink from this cup. He wants nothing to do with it. I'll even leave it on his tray or table and if I am not fast enough to stop him he'll push it to the floor....IT DOES NOT LEAK! PHEW!

I've spoken with his speech and occupational therapists and we all agree this is a "behavioral" issue. It is something I am going to have to work on with him. We are getting better at not pushing it to the floor. That's step one. Next step is to encourage him to drink from it.

So I thought, let's see if he'll drink from it if he sees his little brother, Elli who is 7 month old. Let me tell you my surprise when I saw how EASY it was for my youngest! WOW! He immediately grabbed the cup, and didn't drop it (great handles). Then he reached for that straw. Again, thanks to the silicone flexibility of the straw, there was no harm in "attacking" the straw until he got his drink. And then, magic happened. He drank EVERY. SINGLE. DROP!

There is a weighted ball so the straw always moves around regardless of what crazy angle the cup is being held. This is a FIRST for me! I was super pleased.

According to the instructions it looks like the parts will eventually need to be replaced. I haven't had this issue since it is new, but I truly hope I do not have to replace parts soon. We shall see.

The one downside is the cup is not 100% leak proof. Somehow if my little man blows air in the straw it creates air pressure in the cup and all of a sudden you have yourself a straw that is constantly flowing with liquid, similar to "Old Faithful." But just open the lid and close again and you'll fix the issue.

I wish I knew about this product when we were teaching my son with Down syndrome how to drink from a straw. We went through so many straw products, ending with the honey bear straw cup, and I think this would have been much better.

Vanessa and Scott Brock