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Cradled in the center of Brooklyn’s beating heart, 488 5th Avenue houses the hippest boutique baby store in the nation.

On this blog, we will be highlighting some of our special offers and talking all things baby. New products to tried and true care techniques, advice for new parents to information for those expecting as well as help with the logistics of being a parent and interesting articles regarding child development.

You’ll find it all here at Lullaby Baby, so make sure you check back and take a look at our online store. We’ll see you there!

The Lady With The Screaming Baby
June 2, 2014 | lullabybabystore

Yes! That's me. Lady in seat 4D with the screaming baby.

Let's face it: most babies hate to fly. The high altitude, the mass of people and the tight space isn't quite their cup of milk.

Every once in a (very long) while, I meet an angel whose mom proudly brags that she did not make a peep throughout the duration of a trip from New York to Singapore. In fact, she just smiled and waved during the transatlantic flight.

Not the babies I've birthed.

My boys are active and loud from their first breath. I do my absolute best to keep them in their natural habitat, but sometimes flying has to happen.

Like today, I'm on the way back from an industry conference in Orlando that I coupled with a family vacation. My 13 week old nurses exclusively, so where I go, he goes.

When Moms need their Mommies
April 30, 2014 | lullabybabystore

My favorite part of the day is bedtime. I love cozying up to my kids fresh out of the bath and in comfy cotton PJ's. Sometimes after reading their bedtime story, I tell them alittle bit of my life when I was growing up. They like to hear how their grandmother is my mommy she did all the mommy things I now do for them.

They ask me all sorts of questions: "Did she make your you stories…ride you on her feet like an airplane?"

I love seeing them so intrigued.

I love tapping into the part of myself where I relate the most to my children…taking a trip down memory lane to a time when my mom was my be-all and end-all.

They need their mommy, I need my mom too.

I miss the days when my mother would make me breakfast, wash my clothes, ask me about my day, sympathize with my woes and make my dentist appointments. I miss the times when finding something only entailed saying "Mommy! Where's my .....?"

Zoli Bot Sippy Cup
February 26, 2014 | lullabybabystore

We recently befriended Vanessa and Scott Brock, superparents to two super cute boys, Enzo and Eli. Enzo, happens to have Downs Syndrome. Together, they update their parenting journey on their facebook group entitled Enzo's Entourage. See and like their page

We sent Vanessa the Zoli Bot sippy cups to try out with her boys. Here is her review.

I am currently trying the Zoli Bot sippy cup to be used by my 2 1/2 year old son, Enzo who happens to have Down syndrome. He still does not hold his own cup. He knows how, but after a few seconds the cup ends up on the floor, leaking. Before I even give it to my little man, I already notice some really nice features.

1. The cup truly looks leak proof.
2. The straw is super baby friendly so if he were to accidentally poke his eyes, it would not hurt (that's big!)
3. The cup has secured handles that don't look like they will fall off.

Valco Snap Dual
December 17, 2013 | lullabybabystore

I just passed on an urge to stop a woman breaking a sweat pushing a double McLaren stroller, and let her know that things can be easier with two babies.

I say this, because with two children, aged two and under,  I’m myself looking for any life-hacks or real world solutions to getting through the day - in one piece. I feel compelled to share, because my life was literally transformed with the purchase of my sixth, and most recent stroller purchase.

My salvation came to me, after a trip to Disney, where my husband took full responsibility of closing and putting my Shwinn double, in and out of the car, trolleys, and buses. I felt real pity for moms and dads that battling their umbrella strollers with wheels that don’t even make a gesture to help carry the weight. I was so grateful to have the ease of steering of my tandem, which felt like it floated on air. I fell in love. I decided to get rid of my other poor excuses for strollers, and use this one exclusively.

I than attempted to lift it…GAME OVER. And so my hunt began for a double stroller that is light enough for me to lift, AND has working wheels.

Kayla Kramer, of Lullaby Baby introduced me to the Valco Snap Dual. All my friends are busy comparing notes on the Uppababy’s, Bugaboo’s, and Bumbleride’s, and I’d never heard of, or even seen a Valco.

10 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel with Kids
December 3, 2013 | lullabybabystore

Holiday travel with kids. Four words that strike fear into the heart of every parent, not to mention other travelers. Our family has always lived far enough away from our relatives that visiting usually entails a full day’s drive or plane flight. My oldest child has been flying cross-country since he was four months old, so I’ve come up with a few travel tips over the years, based on personal experience and suggestions from experts and friends. Here are my top ten recommendations for successful travel with kids, especially during a stressful travel period like the holiday season.

Keep It Local!
December 3, 2013 | lullabybabystore

While the idea of an Amazon Drones delivery service sounds super cool, we will always be huge supporters of shopping locally….and human contact.This is why:

Brooklyn is unlike any other city in the world. By choosing to support locally owned businesses, you help maintain Brooklyn’s diversity and distinctive flavor.

Locally owned businesses build strong neighborhoods by sustaining communities, linking neighbors, and by contributing more to local causes.

Potty Training Tips
November 26, 2013 | lullabybabystore

There’s no two ways about it. Changing diapers stinks.

Stay strong, new moms! All babies grow out of diapers. Of course, this can be difficult for a mom to believe if their tots are still in the trenches of toilet training. Potty training is never easy and almost always messy. Fortunately, we have a few tried-and-true tips that will make any mom’s load a little lighter.